PUELCHE e.V. will organize festivals and cultural events, giving dance groups the opportunity to focus on their work.

We invite all Chileans, Germans and other friends of the Chilean culture to become a member and to support the association in continuing the many years of activity of PUELCHE and in helping to expand it.

Inform yourself about the statute of the association.



Any person who accepts the contents of the statute can become a member.

Membership begins with the payment of the annual membership fee.

The Annual General Meeting noted the following contributions:
30 € per year (Group 1)
20 € per year for pupils and students (group 2)
40 € per year for families (group 3)

The registration form can be found below in PDF format (in English)

Registration form and SEPA direct debit

Please send us the complete application by e-mail to info@puelche.de or by mail to: Mr. Venegas, Haldenweg 4, 86356 Neusäß

or to Mrs. Thaller, Hessingstr 14. 86343 Königsbrunn


Since May 20, 2017, we have chosen our New Board for the next 3 years.



The merger of our board is the following:

1. President

Esteban Venegas

2. President

Melanie Chéril Thaller


Katherina Weinreich


Rebecca Vazquez

If you would like to support us financially, you can transfer a donation to the club account.



Raiffeisen-Volksbank Ebersberg eG

IBAN: DE56 7016 9450 0000 0499 64

Account No.: 49964

Bank code: 701 694 50


For donations up to 200 €, the transfer document for the tax office is sufficient,
For donations over 200 € we issue a donation receipt.
Each member has the opportunity to participate in the club.





1. Vorstand

Herr Esteban Venegas

Am Anger 2

86482 Aystetten


2. Vorstand

Frau Melanie Ullmann

Hessingstraße 14

86343 Königsbrunn


Schreiben Sie eine E-Mail an info@puelche.de

oder nutzen Sie unser Kontaktformular.

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